Regenbogen Verlag
Translation of the Cool Guide Zurich 3, a city guide published by Regenbogen Verlag in Konstanz [from German into English]
November 2002

company BAUM Retec plc.
Translation of the advertisement posters for computers for blind of the company BAUM Retec plc. in Wiesenbach [from German into Portuguese]
April 2003

Unicepta Medienanalyse Ltd.
Translation of several press releases for different management boards worldwide by order of the company Unicepta Medienanalyse Ltd. in Cologne [from German, French, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese into English]
February to June 2004

Discofilm Ltd.
Translation of the press releases on the film start of Status Yo! [from German into English] by order of Discofilm Ltd. In Cologne
January 2005