Services in Detail
Services in Detail

Services in Detail

  • Translation of Screenplays
  • Translation of Publications in the Area of Media and Culture etc.
  • Subtitling
  • Correction of Translated Texts
  • Counselling for Film Funding

Important advice for screenplay writers: the film foundations of the respective German federal states, only accept applications in German. A screenplay writer who lives in Germany, but prefers to write in his mother language [e.g.: English, French, Portuguese etc.], needs a German edition of his work in order to apply for any film funding.


The prices for the translations differ, depending on the language, the type of text, and its level of difficulty. For continuous text of average difficulty the price is made per line - one line consisting of 55 characters [space characters included].

The prices for the translation of screenplays are made per page.

The counselling for film funding is free when placing the order of a screenplay translation. If required, the cover letter for the respective film foundation is also written or translated.

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